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Hi, I'm Max. I made Freshreader because I'm just like you, and I get you. You and I, and many others, we're a curious tribe. We want to read and learn and explore everything. We spend our evenings and/or weekends catching up on what matters to us.

Cue the browser window with tabs so small we can't even read the titles anymore, the FOMO-inducing Twitter firehose, the dozen unread newsletters, and the hundred bookmarks across all ours devices, thinking "I'll read this later", but actually never do.

In the face of this information overload, we sign up for "read later" services, where we dump more content than we can ever read in a lifetime, only to end up with yet another inbox to deal with. How annoying and draining is that?

Freshreader aims to be where you go to read content in a relaxed way. You don't even need to read everything, quite the opposite actually.

Find what's most relevant to you, and read it. Then, let go of the rest.

In fact, Freshreader forces you get a fresh start every week. That's right: Freshreader automatically lets go of content you saved more than a week ago. This way, your list doesn't grow infinitely.

There's something comforting in letting go and getting a fresh start every week.

If it's important, it'll somehow come back into your life

I noticed that if something's important enough, it'll somehow make its way back into your life. There's no need to try and consume everything today: read what makes sense today, and trust that the future will bring you what you need.

Sounds exciting? Let's get started.

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